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Contact Lenses

As an independent company we at The Spectacle Company are able to supply and fit the most suitable, state of the art modern lenses for your needs.

We are not tied to specific suppliers or manufacturers so can supply your favourite brand to provide continuity of supply or can advise on the most appropriate lens for your requirements.


We specialise in soft disposable lenses, particularly the new generation Silicon Hydrogel lenses. These lenses offer superb comfort and extremely long wearing times due to their very high Oxygen transmission and excellent resistance to drying.

We are happy to give on-line advice on contact lenses but will only supply mail order lenses to existing patients. We believe that professional aftercare is the most important factor with contact lens wear and this can only be supplied by visiting an Optometrist.

Contact lenses have never been more popular. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology. New lens designs and materials, as well as advanced care products, now make contact lenses easier and more comfortable to wear than ever before.

They offer freedom from wearing glasses in daily life, when playing sport, or for important social occasions, and can bring particular benefits for individuals with stronger vision correction requirements

Your suitability to wear contact lenses can be ascertained by one of our optometrists, who will make recommendations after giving you a full contact lens assessment and clinical trial.

The Spectacle Company provide a comprehensive contact lens service supplying monthly disposable, weekly, daily, silicone hydrogels, low and high water content, coloured, tinted, rigid gas permeable, toric, bifocal, multifocal and many others.

We offer a range of prescription eye wear for a range of sporting activities

Eye wear for sports