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Frames + Lenses


Single Vision Lenses for distance or for reading giving you a wide field of vision. Single Vision solutions from Hoya

Bifocal Lenses for both distance and near vision. Lenses have a visible segment with the additional reading power.

Multifocal Lenses (also known as Varifocal) one lens for distance, reading and also intermediate vision. Superior Multifocal Designs and Indoor Multifocal lenses


Additional Extras

Hardcoat this is a toughened coating on a plastic lens to make it more scratch resistant and will maintain clearer vision by preserving the optical qualities of the lens. 

Anti-Reflection Coating a popular option for all lenses which will virtually eliminate distracting reflections on both sides of the lens. This is a fantastic coating if you drive at night or use a VDU. Hi Vision Aqua and Super Hi Vision

High Index Lenses this improves the appearance of higher prescription lenses by reducing the thickness and weight of the lenses making the spectacles thinner, lighter, more comfortable, and so more appealing. Eyry 1.70

Photochromatic or Transition Lenses these lenses remain clear indoors but darken in the sunlight. Transitions® VI and Suntech

We offer a range of prescription eye wear for a range of sporting activities

Eye wear for sports