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Oakley was started by James Jannard in 1975 in his garage making motorcycle grips which he sold out of the back of his car at motocross events. Unobtanium, the material used to make the grips, a unique creation by Jannard is still used to make the earsocks on Oakley glasses, and many of the nose pieces.

All Oakley glasses must pass two tests before being produced for sale. The first test consists of firing 1/4 inch steel ball at the eyewear at 102 mph, the second test is dropping a 1.1 lb steel spike on the lens from 130 cm. In both cases the lens must not crack or shatter, or eject from the frame.

One of the worlds most popular and talked about sunglasses in the world is Oakley brand sunglasses. Oakley is committed to innovation and design with the aim of achieving the creation of unique and inspired eyewear.  Dedicated to high performance and extreme comfort Oakley are designers of both sunglasses and ophthalmic frames.

Athletes have won more championships and medals with Oakley eyewear than with any other single sport product on earth.


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